Harry Braun is the CEO and Senior Scientist of Mesa Wind and the Phoenix Project Foundation, a scientific and educational organization that is focused on informing the general public about the importance of shifting from fossil and nuclear fuels, which are highly-toxic and rapidly diminishing, to a solar-sourced hydrogen energy and economic system. Braun is also the executive producer of the Science News Network.US and the founder of the Democracy Amendment USA organization that is focused on ratifying the 28-word Democracy Amendment Braun has proposed to the U.S. Constitution.

Braun was born in Compton, California in 1948, and grew up in Denver, Colorado. He completed his undergraduate work in history and science at Arizona State University in 1971, and in consideration of a medical career, he returned to Colorado to work as an assistant in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Colorado Medical Center in 1972. He returned to Arizona a year later to attend graduate school at ASU in anthropology and evolutionary biology. Braun was fascinated with nature of exponential growth and its impact on human society, both negative and positive, including the unprecedented knowledge explosion that makes it impossible to know everything. As Henry Chadwich, a scholar and theology professor at Cambridge University wrote: “Real truth and insight is never to be found in bits of information or scientific facts, but in the order and patterns that one chooses to make with them.”

Braun taught history, science and anthropology at Thunderbird High School in Arizona for three years before he accepted a position as director of energy research & development of the O’Malley companies, in Phoenix, Arizona. Given Braun’s many technical papers on his research into developing a solar-sourced hydrogen energy and economic system, in 1981 he was invited to become an Advisory Board Member of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (iahe.org), which is the largest and oldest peer-review hydrogen scientific and engineering society in the world, with thousands of PhD-level scientists and engineers as members from over 45 countries. Many of the members are professors as well as scientists and engineers from the major energy, automotive, aerospace and oil industries, since it is not possible to make gasoline from oil without significant amounts of hydrogen.

Braun’s other research areas included protein evolution and function as well as photobiology, which is the science of characterizing the many biological impacts of sunlight (i.e., electromagnetic energy of various wavelengths down to 290 nm) on humans and other animals. Braun found proper sunlight exposure to the ultraviolet wavelengths, which is now avoided in the U.S., is absolutely critical for human health. In the 1980’s, Braun was hired as a technical analyst for Duro-Test Corporation, headquartered in North Bergen, NJ, whose engineers had pioneered the development of fluorescent lamps that simulated daylight indoors.

Such lamps were used in a wide-range of medical and clinical studies in the U.S. and worldwide, which Braun cited in the technical briefings he provided to a number of universities and medical investigators at the U.S. Naval Medical Command in Washington DC, and the School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas. Braun’s photobiology research also cited infection control studies where over 90% of the Staph bacteria were destroyed after an 8-hour period of exposure. Braun’s photobiology research now focused on using sunlight-simulating lamps in indoor “Lifeboat” and larger “Ark” food production systems that will be able to operate in spite of the worsening climate change chaos.

Braun completed his first book, The Phoenix Project: Shifting from to Oil to Hydrogen in 1990, which reviewed energy technologies and resources, and why the only sustainable energy strategy involved shifting to solar-sourced hydrogen energy systems that makes hydrogen from water with solar-sourced electricity or biomass sources. Indeed, all photosynthetic proteins, microbes and green plants have been successfully extracting hydrogen from water with sunlight on a global-scale for over 3-billion years.

Braun acquired the rights and technology in 1990 to the solar Dish Stirling technology that had been developed by McDonnell Douglas and Kockums, a major Swedish defense firm that had optimized Stirling engines for non-nuclear attack submarines. This technology set a new world’s efficiency record of 30% for converting solar energy into grid-quality electricity, but the solar technology was unable to economically compete with wind systems. As such, Braun shifted his focus to wind projects and in 2000 he established Mesa Wind LLC, which was the original developer of a 120 megawatt San Juan Mesa Wind Project in New Mexico. The project was completed in 2005, at which point the controlling interest was sold to Edison Mission Energy, which operates the facility, and provides Braun’s Mesa Wind company with a royalty as long as the project is in commercial operational. It is why Braun is working to get the USA into the wind business on a scale to displace all fossil and nuclear fuels worldwide.

Braun’s technical papers include his “Solar Gensets for Large-Scale Hydrogen Production” paper published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1992 and his Phoenix Project paper published in the international Chemical Engineering & Chemical Industry Quarterly in 2008. Braun also completed the Second Edition of The Phoenix Project, a 360-page book and companion DVD that he produced in 2000.

Braun’s book documents how the proteins and microorganisms on the primitive Earth were exponentially exhausting the hydrogen they were extracting from hydrocarbon molecules in the primordial soup.  In order to avoid extinction, the proteins, which Braun refers to as “nanobes,” because they operate on a nanometer scale, figured out how to extract hydrogen from water with solar energy by engineering a new molecule, chlorophyll, and this solar hydrogen production process has been successfully working on a global scale for over 3 billion years. In his paper, The Revealing Science of God, Braun points out that from a perspective of molecular biology, the proteins are indeed our biological “creators,” and they are a 4-billion year old highly-advanced civilization that is at the heart of all life, metabolism and memories.

Braun’s book reviews both the positive and negative aspects of exponential growth as documented by physics professor Albert Bartlett at the University of Colorado, whose key lectures are now available on YouTube. The Exponential Age in which includes the knowledge explosion that makes it impossible to know everything, thus the most important task is to determine what information is we live explains why humanity is on the threshold of both a technological “utopia” of molecular medicine as well as an ecological “oblivion” of the sixth mass-extinction event in the Earth’s history, which is already well underway. It is why we on Spaceship Earth are all like passengers aboard the Titanic, and there is
only a limited amount of time left to “change course.”

Hydrogen is often referred to as the “Holy Grail” of energy because it is involved in all energy systems and resources, and Braun’s peer-reviewed 5-year  “Phoenix Project” plan would replace all fossil and nuclear fuels in the U.S. that now generate roughly 100 quads, with approximately two million, two megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems for the U.S., many of which should be deployed at sea as “windships,” while modifying every existing vehicle, appliance, power plant and agricultural system to use this pollution-free & inexhaustible fuel.  However, as Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the least expensive hydrogen, ethanol and plastics were made from cannabis, which is now illegal.

Braun ran for Congress in 1984 against John McCain, and again in 1986 against Jay Rhodes, in order to promote his plan to shift to a solar-sourced hydrogen energy and economic system. And in 2004 and 2012, Braun ran as an independent presidential candidate essentially on the same basic issues, but since he had no interest in raising money, which he thinks should be illegal in political campaigns, the money-oriented corporate news media ignored his campaigns.

Braun has subsequently been focused on passing and ratifying a 28-word Democracy Amendment he has authored, which will empower the majority of registered voters to approve all laws, and judicial decisions that impact the majority of citizens. Only then will the new United States Citizens Congress be able to put an end to government secrecy, lobbying (i.e., bribery), oil wars, drug wars, refined sugar-based junk food, commission-based healthcare and educational systems, banker bailouts and the blatant violations of the U.S. Constitution regarding the oil-based toxic chemical contamination of every man, woman and child worldwide. There is much work to do, but with majority rule, there will be no partisan dysfunction because a “universal mind” of over 250 million citizens will be in charge.

This is the core issue of Braun’s 2016 Democratic presidential campaign, which is organized as a “Constitutional Convention,” because this is the specific language used in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which allows citizens to bypass the lobbyist-controlled Congress and State Legislatures to ratify amendments.

The fact that Braun’s proposed 28-word Democracy Amendment can be ratified with an Article V Citizen Ballot he has prepared, which can be downloaded as a completely verifiable paper ballot from the DemocracyAmendmdentUSA.net website.  And as per Article V, when the majority of registered voters in three-fourths of the states (i.e. 38 states) send in their ballots to their Secretary of State, where they can be verified, counted and archived, the amendment will be ratified.  While some think Democracy will be “mob rule,” few Americans are aware of the one Constitutional Democracy in the world that was established in the year 1291, 724 years ago in a country so diverse it has four official languages, where the world’s first automobile was produced in 1807 that was not fueled by gasoline, but electrolytic hydrogen, since gasoline had not yet been invented, and that country is Switzerland.


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