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Scientists Warn of the Human-Caused Mass-Extinction of life on Earth
Harry Braun’s Answer to Health Care: BraunCare
The Hydrogen Cannabis Phoenix Project
Evidence for Ratifying the Democracy Amendment

Harry Braun’s Presidential Policy Proposals
Economics Professor Gerald Friedman
Bernie Sanders Correspondence on 2.25.16
Ending the Radioactive Oil Wars
Union Leader Democratic Debate
Harry Braun vs. John McCain in 1984
Harry Braun’s Article V Citizen Ballot
Harry Braun’s Letter to CBS News
The Revealing Science of God

Article V Citizen Ballot & Overview
HB’s History Lesson on U.S. Foreign Policy
Why the Majority should elect Harry Braun as President in 2016
HB for President Testimony to Congress
Ending the Oil Wars

HB’s Analysis of Hillary Clinton

Keeping the Energy Debate Clean: How Do We Supply the World’s Energy Needs? 
A peer-reviewed paper by electrical engineering professor and IEEE Fellow Derek Abbot, whose paper was published in the Proceedings of the IEEE Vol. 98, No. 1, January 2010.  Professor Abbot’s proposed solutions include sensible energy conservation; solar thermal collection using parabolic reflectors and hydrogen used as an energy carrier in combustion engines and for energy storage and transportation.

A Solar Hydrogen Economy Proposal sent to the Prime Minister of Japan, by Harry Braun, May 11, 2011.  This proposal provides an overview of how Japan can rapidly replace all of its existing fossil and nuclear fuels with hydrogen made from water with electricity generated from the wind and other solar technologies that were initially developed in the 1800s.

The Phoenix Project: Shifting from fossil and nuclear fuels to a Solar Hydrogen Economy,
by Harry Braun, a peer-review paper published in the international Chemical Engineering and Industry Quarterly Journal, Vol. 14 No. 2, pp. 107–118, May 15, 2008.

A letter to Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama from Harry Braun, which was sent during Senator Obama’s campaign in 2007.

The Many Problems of Ethanol, By Harry Braun, Published by the Phoenix Project Foundation in May of 2004.

Insights on Nuclear Power from Professor. John Gofman, MD, Ph.D.  A brief history of one of the most distinguished professors of nuclear physics and medicine who headed up the medical research division of the Atomic Energy Commission.

An Oral History of Professor Gofman, which was undertaken by the U.S. Department of Energy to document his extraordinary career in nuclear chemistry and medicine.

Natural Gas is not the Solution, by Harry Braun.  While leaders in both political parties are pushing natural gas a clean solution, its production involves injecting hundreds of undisclosed toxic chemicals underground, which will then permanently contaminate millions of aquifers and other water critically important water resources

Nuclear Power Considerations, by Harry Braun.  This paper summarizes many of the profoundly serious problems that are the result of the nuclear industrial complex that understandably likes to operate in complete secrecy.

John Lorenzen & Rudolf Erren, by Harry Braun.  A brief overview of two of the earliest hydrogen investigators in the USA and Germany.

The Pickens Plan Problems, By Harry Braun   What T. Boone Pickens fails to mention.

Comparing the energy plans of Pickens, Gore, and BraunYou decide which plan is best.

A letter to Nobel Prize winning economics professor Paul Krugman regarding the Solar Hydrogen Economy.

A letter to Brian Williams, NBC News anchor

The Fair Accounting Act, by Harry Braun.  The only reason toxic products like oil, coal, gasoline, pesticides and plastics are “economical” is because the most significant environmental and related health care costs are not factored into the costs of the products.  As such, the Fair Accounting Act, which would ideally be monitored by the National Academy of Sciences, is the “trigger mechanism” for shifting to a Solar Hydrogen Economy and a poison and disease-free environment that is save and healthy for humans and other animals.

Exponential Icebergs, by Harry Braun.  Based on the work of physics professor Alpert Bartlett at the University of Colorado, this paper underscores the fact that if one does not understand the exponential concept of 11:59 or the nature of the interrelated energy, economic and environmental problems, one cannot possibly understand how serious the problems really are.

Ocean Ecosystem Extinction, by Harry Braun.  This paper summarizes one of the most comprehensive ocean ecology studies published in Nature in 2003, which documented that over 90% of the fish and other marine organisms are already lost, and the remaining fish are so contaminated with toxic chemicals and radiological poisons they are unfit to eat.
Poisoning Our Own People, by Harry Braun.  The really bad news is that virtually all of the food now grown in the USA is contaminated with a mix of over 85,000 toxic chemicals, including DDT, which has not been used for decades, but is now in all of the produce in the supermarkets, as well as the blood of each and every person, including those unborn.  It is a remarkable feat that in one generation, the entire surface, subsurface and atmosphere of the only planet in the universe that can sustain us has been contaminated.

Educational Excellence for All Americans, by Harry Braun.  Education costs are a major factor in most states, and yet U.S. students rank far behind those in countries such as China, Japan because teachers are unable to teach what they do not know.  Braun’s solution involves organizing the best and brightest educators, professors, animators to produce “Avatar”-quality educational programs on every major subject that can be provided at little or no cost on line.  Rather than the existing “factory” schools, students will be able to progress at their own speed.

A Universal Non-Profit American Health Care System, by Harry Braun, provides an overview of how medical costs can be brought under control by removing the commission-based “fee for service” system that provides significant financial incentives to doctors and health care facilities to promote unnecessary and often times dangerous procedures and drugs rather than preventative medicine, which involves consuming minimal amounts of wholesome unprocessed organic (i.e., uncontaminated) food and fluids, daily outdoor exercise and plenty of sleep.

Sunlight & Health, by Harry Braun.  This paper provides an overview of the scientific and medical research regarding the biological impact of sunlight on human health and productivity.  While the general consensus is that sunlight should be avoided, Braun cites peer-reviewed research by a large number of professors of medicine who point out sunlight exposure, particularly to the 290 nm ultraviolet wavelengths, are absolutely critical for the health of human’s and other animals.  As Braun points out, “sunlight is like water.  It is critical for life, but over-exposure can be fatal.  Like most things in life, it is a question of balance.”

Conservative Christan Contradictions, by Harry Braun.  This paper reacts to the modern day so-called conservative Christians who ignore the classic teachings of the New Testament, which Braun cites in his paper, including the fact that according to Jesus, it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to make it into heaven.

Burial, Cremation or Cryobiology, by Harry Braun.  While most people assume death occurs when one’s heart stops beating or when one stops breathing, in fact death is not final unless or until the protein molecules of memory are lost, which occurs in seconds in high temperature used in cremation.  Burial is must less destructive to proteins, and molecular biologists have been able to observe proteins in tact in the tissue remains of dinosaurs that are over 70 million years old.  However, if the protein molecules of memory are frozen, they can survive for an indefinite amount of time, which means one is not permanently dead, but merely in suspended animation, waiting hopefully for the opportunity to be reborn at some future date.   

Dr. William C. Woodward’s Congressional Testimony

Harvard Medical Professor Lester Grinspoon paper on Cannabinopathic Medicine

Scientific Evidence for Legalizing Cannabis

DEA Administrative Judge Francis Young Rules Cannabis is Non-Toxic

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Rising from the toxic Ashes

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