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A Non-Profit U.S. Health Care System- By Harry Braun


A Non-Profit U.S. Health Care System

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non-profitus-healthcare-600x776There is no more obvious and powerful conflict of interest in medicine and health care than the profit motive, which is a ubiquitous factor that influences virtually all U.S. physicians, dentists, hospitals and pharmaceutical corporations, whose “fee for service” system essentially means they all work on commission, which is collectively bankrupting the USA with an epidemic of unnecessary medical costs and dangerous and painful procedures and toxic prescription drugs.

Given that Americans now spend over $2.4 trillion annually on healthcare; and given that medical costs can destroy a lifetime of savings overnight; and given that the current Fee-for- Service “commission-based” medical system provides vast financial incentives for drug companies, hospitals and doctors to recommend unnecessary procedures. This increasingly profit-driven system of healthcare provides no incentives for practicing preventative medicine; and given that 30% of healthcare costs are spent on literally torturing terminally ill patients in the last 6 to 12 months of their lives, there is no issue that is more important to resolve.


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