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The Revealing Science of God-a stunning paper by Harry Braun


The Revealing Science of God

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revealing-science-front-450x582The Revealing Science of God is a 14-page update on the concept that was initially proposed in Harry Braun’s Phoenix Project book in 2000, which provides remarkable insights into how both science and religion seek to provide explanations as to how things got to be as they are, and specifically, is life an accident, or is it the result of an intelligent design and purpose? Both approaches seek to answer these most basic questions of who, or what, created us and why? And is there an afterlife when we die? But while religious beliefs are ancient, they are also unchanging, in contrast to the exponential explosion of scientific knowledge that has occurred over the past 30 years, particularly in the areas of molecular biology and protein evolution and characterization.

Biblical Scripture indicates a Creationist view whereby human beings and other plants and animals were created fully-formed in a matter of days by a human-like God with supernatural powers, approximately six thousand years ago. Scientists, on the other hand, have revealed a very different explanation of the origin of matter and life in the universe, which began with the Big Bang, which occurred some 14 billion years ago. While no one knows exactly how life first evolved on the Earth, it is now clear that life did not begin with a fully formed human being, or even bacteria or other microbes. Rather, life began on the Earth when amino acid molecules formed into proteins or “nanobes,” which then created the microbes and eventually all of the other living organisms on the Earth. However, given the insights of molecular biology and photobiology, and natural medicine, a remarkable insight is revealed that shows a fundamental similarity between what is written in the Bible and the Revealing Science of God..

Braun’s eBook and upcoming SNN broadcast on the ScienceNewsNetwork.US website) on the Revealing Science of God will not just provide stunning insights into the molecular evolution of proteins that are at the heart of all metabolism and memory in every living organism (i.e., the soul), but Braun’s investigation will provide equally stunning scientific insights into to the very heart of Christianity, and the man who is now called Jesus.


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